Hello –

I am a travel mascot gone Wild.

I am small, lightweight and ride in Ziplocs.

I also like to travel on other people’s dimes, so I am perpetually being adopted by people with a good sense of humor and minimal sense of pride. I have a grueling travel schedule for 2008-2009 (fiscal, not calendar, year) but am happy to try and be wherever else I am wanted. My owner is working on collecting as many of me as possible to send out on temporary loan; if you are living or going somewhere fun that’s not already featured, please let us know.

*This site endorses Maurice Sendak’s 1988 “Where The Wild Things Are” children’s book but is neither endorsed nor noticed by Maurice Sendak. It also endorses sea monkeys, velcro and Magic Ink.


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  • 1. dh  |  September 9, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Hi: Dan here–the “Aspiring senior citizen” from the September ’08 issue Semiuseful. I hope to be semiuseful here, or at least amusing.

    Be aware that Velcro(R) is a registered trademark, backed by the full wrath and power of the U.S. government, the free market, and the weight of conscience and ethics everywhere. (On second thought, you may have nothing to worry about.)

    No less an authority than Wikipedia says:
    The term Velcro is a registered trademark in most countries. Generic terminology for these fasteners includes “hook and loop”, “burr” and “touch” fasteners. However the Velcro brand is an example of a genericized trademark as its brand name has become the generic term. The Velcro company headquarters is in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

    So, there you have it. Hope this helps–or at least amuses.
    Now, on to Sea Monkeys(R). Check out their website, http://www.sea-monkeys.com/. Looks like some animal rights folks have been on their case, judging from the critter-friendly language on the site. (Dare I mention PETA–People for the Eating of Tasty Animals? Probably not. . .)

    Please don’t take offense. I’m just trying to be edgy here, to ameliorate the whole senior citizen aura that’s been settling around me of late . . . gotta go take the Flomax now . . .

  • 2. vanessa  |  February 25, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    hi! i work with mazza vineyards. saw a pic of the wild thing at our winery – wondering if we can post it on our website.





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